Happy New Year from Electrowerks Music Production and with a new year brings big changes. First off, welcome to our new website we are extremely happy to announce the addition of our new Audient ASP 4816 analog console. The 4816 will be the analog center piece to the studio. We have been looking long and hard for the perfect console for our needs and the 4816 is it. The 4816 allows us far more control while tracking and adds a lot more while mixing.

Speaking of tracking we have added a new drum room for tracking drums. The new room is spacious and rich sounding. There is now plenty of room for full bands to play at once and we can get a great room sound while tracking the drums. We will have a video coming out soon showing off capabilities of the new room.

With the addition of the new console we added some new outboard gear to sweeten up the mixing. We have added an Eventide  Reverb 2016. This unit is one of the best drum reverbs we have ever heard. We have also added a Vintage Lexicon PCM41 delay unit and Sony R7 Reverb unit. To help with the mixing duties we added a Avid Artist Mix control for Pro Tools Control.

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