Earache Records artist Oceano released their third full length album, “Incisions“. Being called the most brutal album of 2013, the record does not disappoint. With this release Oceano branches out into new territory, but still maintains the deathcore element they do so well, complete with brutal vocals, raging guitars, and monstrous drums. The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Chuck Macak at Electrowerks Music Production. Click below to get the album on iTunes.

“If Contagion could be considered general Deathcore pandering, Incisions shows Oceano throwing their nose up to the stereotypical expectations of the style today. This album has a good deal of variety to it that shows a group looking to break free of the restrictions imposed on them, all while not trying to alienate their current fanbase. Solid Death Metal performances, hints of melody, strong atmospheres, even some crushing Doom Metal and frostbitten Black Metal influences, all creating an album that explores the possibilities of the potential these guys have, and it sounds great.”
-Apoch’s Metal Review